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Why Hire Us?

Why hire us at Heat-n-Sleep? We have several years of experience, and our team of specialists is professionally trained in all bed bug situations. Let our quality service and effective results speak for itself. We offer the most effective treatment process for treating and eliminating bed bugs. And because we deal exclusively with bed bugs, we have a proven track record in thermal remediation. Each bed bug infestation requires a specific plan in order to achieve success. We respect your privacy, and we operate unmarked equipment with discretion.

Thermal Remediation (heat treating) is an art which is understood by several factors: the nature of bedbugs, the logistics of the infestation and affected space, experience in different scenarios, etc. As owner-operators we have a vested interest in our success as bed bug exterminators. Our years of experience and exclusive focus on bed bugs only has allowed us to achieve an overall high level of eradication success.

The Heat-N-Sleep chemical free heat treatment process is the easiest, safest and most environmentally-friendly way to treat & kill bed bug infestations.

hire us for fast results
Fast Results

Heat treatment can typically be completed in 1 treatment within 1 day. Your room back in use in less than 24 hours!


No chemicals, no toxic fumes, and no residue!


Heat treatment kills the entire life cycle of all insects from egg to adults.


You can heat treat an entire structure, or spot-treat high infestation zones (while other sections of the structure remain operational).

We’re more than just heat!