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Why doesn’t Heat N Sleep do spot treatments? (Chemical, steam + vacuum, cyro freezing, etc)?

Is a heat treatment really necessary? Won’t a spray treatment be sufficient with some infestations?

Are not spray treatments much more cost effective?


We have chosen to not offer spot treatments to our customers due to a few simple truths: Spot treatments require the technician to find every last bed bug and egg in order to exterminate them on contact – this is virtually impossible in most infestations, and is one of the reasons at least 3 visits should be required with this type of treatment. Experience has repeatedly shown us that chemical/spot treatments are NOT cheaper in the long run for a customer. We have worked in many buildings where chemical treatments have failed for months, years. We’re talking 5-10-20-40 past treatments. Get the picture? In addition to this, chemical treatments often require the disposal of infested furniture, and/or mattress and box spring bug covers to be purchased, etc. The bottom line is we strive to offer the best eradication process possible, and we are not interested in treating the same space ten times at the customer’s expense.