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How to Prepare

We’ll provide you with a checklist of items to be removed before we begin. Please note, the checklist can normally be accomplished in less than 30 minutes.

Preparation includes removing your pets and any aerosol cans, among other items. Your electronics, the contents of your refrigerator & your furniture may all remain in the house. Remember, it’s an eco-friendly process.

Please read and follow the preparation instructions we give you. Our goal is to successfully eliminate the bed bug & its eggs; the goal is more likely to be reached if preparation instructions are followed.

Don’t worry, we’ll do an inspection before the heating process begins.

Because we use electric heaters, there are no open flames. We do not use any chemicals, so there are no fumes or residue to worry about afterward. Typically, you can return to the treated area on the same day.

The steps we take = success!

Pre-planning of the site (We take into account the building layout and its contents).

We prepare in advance to ensure content protection and effective heat treatment.

We use state-of-the art, technologically-advanced thermal equipment designed for bed bug eradication

To get rid of your bed bugs, contact us today!