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Chemical Free Heat Treatment Process

heat treatment configuration

At Heat-N-Sleep, we treat beg bug infestations by using a chemical-free Heat Treatment Process. Thermal Remediation® is the most thorough and comprehensive method of eradicating bed bugs, proving lethal at all stages of the bed bug’s life cycle. This revolutionary, eco-friendly process is the most cost-effective & least disruptive treatment option – saving your mattress, your furniture, your time and your money! Almost 100% effective at eliminating bed bugs.

How does Chemical Heat Treatment Process work?

Bed bugs are attracted to heat sources, like body heat. Rather than trying to escape, they emerge from hiding to come out to the heat source we create. The heating happens quickly so that the bugs have no time to escape; the temperature is controlled and maintained until every last bed bug is dead.

At Heat-N-Sleep, our effective heat treatment is all about balance, timing and monitoring. We utilize top-notch equipment, including electric heaters and convection fans, to thermally treat infected spaces. Our complete heat monitoring system ensures the right balance of heat is attained & maintained, utilizing sensors and attaining computer printouts.

Because we use electric heaters, there are no open flames. We do not use any chemicals, so there are no fumes or residue to worry about afterward. A typical treatment may take about 6 to 8 hours to complete. Only one treatment is normally required. And typically, you can return to the treated area on the same day.

In addition to our basic thermal remediation service, we also offer perimeter barrier treatments and dusting of electrical/plumbing orifices where required. This may be required depending on the severity and nature of your infestation, especially applicable in multi-family residential buildings and in situations of past treatment failures. This part of our bed bug treatment process is also simple, effective, and again chemical free.

How to prepare

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