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Bed Bug Facts

bed bugs life cycle

Did you know bed bug facts?

Bedbugs can go hungry for a week or more between blood meals. They’re able to survive for many months without a blood meal. More interesting bed bug facts:

Bed bugs are nocturnal (most active at night); this makes it difficult to spot them, or spray them with chemicals/pesticides during the day. Our chemical free heat treatment is the only solution!

Bed bugs are not limited to the bed (or bedroom), and will disperse throughout a dwelling; they’ll crawl long distance to get your blood. Gross!

Bed bugs like to hitch rides on anyone & anything. In most situations, bed bugs are transported in via luggage, clothing and belongings of guests and visitors.

What do bed bugs look like?

Adult bed bugs are about ¼-inch long and are reddish-brown. Although they may be difficult to find because they hide well, bed bugs are big enough to be seen with the naked eye. Bed bugs look similar to an apple seed in size and appearance.

adult bed bug
Adult bed bug

Bedbugs’ eggs are pearly white and only 1mm long and they hatch after seven to 10 days. Immature bed bugs are also only 1mm long and are a pale, almost translucent colour.

Females can lay one to five eggs a day continuously, up to 300 a year, once they’re inseminated. The egg hatching up to the adult stage takes up to two months. It can take longer, depending on environment and food. That is info needs to know about bed bug facts.

bed bugs eggs
Bed bug eggs

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